Welcome to my farahque belogg.my blog is honest and not always properly written..Just like you, I am entitled to an opinion but You are free to agree or disagree with me... Tq babe. love u !


  • You must know dear eventhought I didn't start a conversation with you.it doesn't mean that i don't want to talk to you.act.nak sangat.kadang-kadang tu tunggu sampai terlelap untuk tunggu text "SELAMAT MALAM SAYANG" .You should to know my phone will be surely silent if u dont text me.hurmm because i just want a text from u.likely "HOW FINE ITS U DEAR".You know how much i miss our late night conversation.i love ur voice.you must know that I really-really love u much.Happy to be alive today! thank u ALLAH,i walk in ur name because I love U.An no matter if it's dark,raining,or im blinfolded i can see..no matter how many times i say i love u,i neever get bored.