Welcome to my farahque belogg.my blog is honest and not always properly written..Just like you, I am entitled to an opinion but You are free to agree or disagree with me... Tq babe. love u !


**Tapi hati ini kuat menyatakan
Kau terkini duduk di carta hati
Lalu cinta kita bermula
Dari mata turun ke jiwa
Dari teman menjadi cinta
Dan berjanji untuk setia
-Carta Hati by Najwa Latiff

There are so many reasons,Why I think of you so much.And I don't mention it.As often as I should,And I certainly don't show it.In all the ways I should.I hope you have all the Happiness that life can hold,That's my wish for someone...As special as you!
-This one's from me.